Saturday, 7 December 2013

All things A380....

The contracts from Pen & Sword keep coming, for which I am eternally grateful! I've recently been told that my XB-70 Valkyrie book will be out as a softback in 2014, which is great news!

I've also got a contract for a title on Howard Hughes and his HK.1 Hercules,with some incredible pictures I've discovered, so things are looking good for next year!

Early this year however, I got a contract to do a book on the A380: one thing that has always fascincated me about this, is just HOW do they do a turn-around with so many passengers and freight in just 2 hours?

8 months of negotiation later, and I'm down at London Heathrow awaiting the arrival of an Emirates A380 from Dubai - god that think is HUGE, but so slow over the fence!

On three hours, I've photographed the inside and outside from Cargo bay to First Class Showers of two aircraft - with 436 pictures (thank goodness for digital, how DID we cope when it was conventional film?

Just as a taster....

And as a bonus..... BA kindly tugged this one past the stand!